Bare Bones Full Body Workout


One of the most common excuses I hear from people is that, for one
reason or another, they just can’t make it in to the gym.

Well, I’m here to tell you that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Here’s a simple, beginner to intermediate full body circuit that can be
performed with just a pair of dumbells and an exercise mat in about 10 square
feet of space. It consists of 10 different exercises that target just about
every body part you own. The idea is to do one exercise after the other until
you reach the end of the circuit. Then, depending on your levels of stamina and
endurance, you’ll rest anywhere from 30-60 seconds and start over.

Initially, you want to complete 3 full circuits, which will probably
take about 20 minutes. Once your conditioning has gotten better, you should add
another circuit, and keep increasing until you can keep this going for about 40
minutes with only a 30 second break in between circuits.

This is not meant to bulk you up, but you WILL achieve a better level of muscle
tone while creating a great metabolic response as well. You’ll burn more
calories doing this than doing the same amount of time of steady-state cardio.

So, now I challenge you! Do this workout and time yourself for a total of 3
circuits. You don’t need to use heavy weights because it’s the volume of work
that will get you! When you’re done, why don’t you comment below and post your
time/weights used. In fact, keep track and see if you’re able to better your
record each time you do the workout.

Finally, sorry about the 70’s porn soundtrack, but when you’re working with
royalty free music, you have to be open minded…

All kidding aside, this music is graciously made free for public use by a guy
named Kevin MacLeod. Thanks Kevin, your generosity to the internet folks is
greatly appreciated!

OK, that’s it for now. Gotta start thinking of what comes next! See ya soon and

Stay Fit Forever!